rieglerbrothers, december 15
trinitas ortler

rieglerbrothers, february 15
brothers & hollywood "film everest"

rieglerbrothers, february 14
BOOK "fratelli di cordata"

martin, september 13
"under pressure" 8b+ 1. rep

rieglerbrothers, may 13
PREMIO paolo consiglio

rieglerbrothers, february 13
mission MISSIAN erfolgreich

martin, february 13
"pinocchio's" first redpoint

martin, february 13
shooting for CAMP
(C) riky felderer

martin, january 13
back from south africa
(C) carmen cian

martin, november 12
schirata movie

rieglerbrothers, october 12
IMS brixen

rieglerbrothers, september 12
bozen - münchen - wien

rieglerbrothers, august 12
back from pakistan

martin, may 12
"alpiner förderpreis" goes to martin

martin, märz 12
first ascent "schirata"

rieglerbrothers, february 12
first ascent "albatros"

rieglerbrothers, january 12
"non ci resta che piangere" redpoint

rieglerbrothers, november 11
wandsüchtig auf servus TV

martin, november 11
trip to czech republic

martin, october 11
trip to switzerland

martin, october 11
"nabuco" 8a+ other first ascent

florian, june 11
trip to france

florian, may 11
trip to russia

florian, march 11
"dolasilla" M13- first ascent
la dolasilla

rieglerbrothers, december 10
out now: the rieglerbrothers DVD
click here for more info

rieglerbrothers, august 10
"mooscar" for "schachmatt"
16. filmfestival st. anton

rieglerbrothers, june 10
trip to chamonix
monte bianco range

martin, april 10
"via vandals" 600m 8a
pared de aragon redpoint
the vandals

martin, march 10
just for fun - climbing and so on

moore on bigwall.at

florian, january 10
UP-climbing coverboy


rieglerbrothers, november 09
spanish apartment
climbing in the top spots of the world
margalef 2009

florian, september 09
sarca valley - mangiata la "salsa dell orso"

rieglerbrothers, august 09
turning operations on the rotwand
to open up new vistas
rotwand 2009

rieglerbrothers, april 09
k�nigspitze nordface
the queen of the icewalls in the eastalps
k�nigspitze 2009

martin, march 09
in spain again
santa linya, margalef, siruana

martin, february 09
veni, vidi, vici - fuchsgrabens�ule
fuchsgraben 2009

rieglerbrothers, february 09
"tiramis�" M10
a delicacy in funes valley
rieglerbrothers, february 09
bletterbach - the natural ice wonder
in southtirol
bletterbach 2009

florian, january 09
"ice age 3" cimabanche M13 redpoint

florian, january 09
the "big ben" in landro M12 redpoint

florian, december 08
climbingtrip to calymnos in greece
calymnos 2008

martin, november 08
8a+ boulder traverse in peggau near graz

rieglerbrothers, july 08
the �wilde rose� from the rosegarden
1. repetition 6 pitches 9

martin, april 08
�small chance� in the arena 8b+

martin, february 08
climbingtrip to spain
siruana 2008

florian, january 08
"zauberfl�te" M9 WI5 1. redpoint
langental dolomiten
the magic flute 2008

florian, january 08
leader italiancup 2008 in iceclimbing

rieglerbrothers, september 07
"wei�er zwerg" onsight on the rosegarden

rieglerbrothers, july 07
"camillotto pellesier" redpoint through the north face 8a+
dolomite geometry

florian, april 07
"claudio caffe" 8c/8c+ redpoint in arco
terra promessa 2007

florian, 07
worldcup in iceclimbing rank 6
sass fee (ch)
sass fee 2007

martin, october 06
�immer der nase nach�
1. redpoint 5 pitches 8a+

florian, december 05
climbingtrip to india
hampi 2005

rieglerbrothers, september 05
"braccio di ferro"
1. redpoint 6 pitches 7c+

rieglerbrothers, september 05
�via fiamme d'oro� 1. repetition
margarethen tower rotwand 9+
margarethen tower 2005

florian, december 05
climbingtrip to australia
australia 2005

rieglerbrothers, september 04
"via italia" 1. repetition redpoint 8a
piz ciavazes sella
via italia 2004

florian, may 04
�panorama� first ascent on the hammerwall 9 pitches 7c+

martin, may 04
�ironman� my first 8a onsight
albenga (I)

florian, august 03
"ehrenfels" 8b+ 1. redpoint
fennberg southtirol
fennberg 2003

florian, may 03
�hei�e liebe - kalt erwischt� first ascent on santnerbauch schlern

florian, november 02
�hexentrick im schatten� first ascent on schattenkofel schlern

florian, november 02
�athena� in massone (I)
my first 8b+

martin, january 01
climbing in thailand
thaiclimb 2001